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4 Ways to Engage Culinary Students During the Holidays

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Family and Consumer Science Christmas Lessons

The holidays are an exciting and busy time to teach Culinary Arts and Family and Consumer Science. Here are a few ideas to get your planning started for November and December!

1- A Thanksgiving Pie Sale: we did a pie sale as a fundraiser for the senior class. The kids were excited and engaged in the activity and it planned a few school days for me! We first introduced pies and the history of pies with this lesson:

Pies Lesson for Culinary Arts and FACS
Click to check out the resource!

After the lesson which included questions for students to answer we narrowed down the pie choices and created a pie sale order form. We chose to sell apple, pumpkin and pecan. Students went to faculty and parents and sold as many pies as they could. Disclaimer: This was not some intense fundraising activity so even if each kid sold a couple of pies we were happy. We raised about $500 and the kids were very proud of themselves and learned a lot.

Christmas Cookie Lesson for Culinary Arts and FACS
This lesson has slides of popular Christmas cookies and their background, questions and an cookie exchange project

Students baked their cookies in class and plated them the day of the exchange. On the cookie exchange day, I handed out little holiday bags for students to take 1 or 2 of each student’s cookies. I made a bunch of cutouts for students that were absent or for some reason did not make their own type. They had fun decorating them and served them on the cookie exchange day. We had thumbprints, peanut butter blossoms, gingerbread men and more.

3Holiday Foods Around the World Lesson: I love history and international cuisine so this lesson was a favorite of mine. The students learned about holiday foods around the world with the lesson below. They then chose a dish of their own from around the world and researched the dish. The lesson has the research project included.

Christmas around the world for culinary arts

We made the recipe included in the lesson for bûche de Noël or Yule log and it turned out pretty good. Of course not as good as the ones you see in magazines.

yule log in culinary arts class

We have also made a French Croquembouche with the students which is basically a cream puff tower!

holiday foods around the world a French Croquembouche with culinary arts students.

French croquembouche with chocolate cream puffs and drizzled caramel

Here are free Culinary Arts greeting cards that you can print, cut, fold and go to thank your students for holiday gifts or for working hard. The set also includes cards for the whole year!

4- Teaching about gingerbread houses can be super fun for your students. One way to introduce them is through this lesson plan in our TPT store which includes a slideshow, guided notes, and questions.

gingerbread house lesson plan for family and consumer science

You can then have students make gingerbread and create houses or gingerbread men if you want something less involved.

family consumer science holiday lessons

Happy Holidays and thank you for visiting our page!

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