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Reading a Recipe Activities for High School Life Skills

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Recipe Worksheets for Life Skills and FCS

Kids rush, they just do. When you give them a recipe they want to get to the end result ASAP and it can be so frustrating when they ask you questions that are on the…RECIPE!

That’s why taking your time to teach how to read a recipe is so important. Explicit instruction such as this can feel like a waste of time or redundant but students really need it, even those familiar with recipes.

What Students Need to Know About Reading a Recipe


  • Title of the Dish– what is the dish, is it definitely what they are planning on making?

  • Yield– How many people can this recipe serve? Is it the correct amount? Do they need to modify the recipe?

  • Time– How long is the prep time, cook time, and total time? They need to be able to manage their time and choose recipes that they have the time for.

  • Ingredients– They need to be sure to read the ingredients carefully and mise en place what they need to begin. Making sure they have the ingredients necessary.

  • Ingredient Measurements– Do they know the abbreviation for teaspoon, for ounces, etc?

  • Directions– Read them ahead of time to make sure you have the necessary kitchen equipment for the recipe and to have an idea of what you need to do.

Give Them Visuals

Having visual around the classroom that help your students understand important content is a great way to sneak in instruction.

⭐ Here is a free kitchen measurement poster you can use in your classroom.

reading a recipe worksheet


Kitchen measurement Poster for quick reference while your students are reading a recipe.

We use a slideshow on the basics of recipe reading while students follow along with guided notes and answer questions about reading a recipe.

reading a recipe lesson plan for culinary arts and family consumer science

You can also reinforce the information with this reading a recipe digital escape room. Students move through Google forms and slides to crack codes about reading a recipe. It is self-correcting and makes an awesome sub-plan because students can work through it independently or with a partner. Learn more about digital escape rooms and how to implement them in the classroom. reading a recipe activity escape room


recipe reading worksheet

You can even have students find recipes online and convert them in the way you specify. So, you can tell them to find a recipe online and double it and have them type the new recipe in Google slides.

Guess the Recipe Activity for FCS

Students have fun with kitchen crime scenes and guess what recipes were made by the mess in the kitchen! This has them thinking about ingredients and recipes. Honestly, the more students use recipes, the better they become. A few mistakes and they begin to really understand the importance of reading a recipe carefully.

This video explains recipe reading nicely. Students can practice modifying the ingredient list if you give them recipes and have them double and half the recipe.

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