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5 Essential Kitchen Supplies for College Students

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Kitchen Supplies for Dorm Rooms

As a high school culinary arts teacher, I get asked a lot about what kitchen supplies students should buy for their dorm rooms as they graduate and go off to college.

There are a few items that I think are essential for college kids to have in the kitchen so that they can make some basic meals for themselves.

In a recent study among college students, 45.7% reported often cooking, 40.3% reported sometimes cooking, and 14% reported never cooking.

1- A Keurig– Not only for coffee and tea but to heat up water to make ramen and other instant macaroni and cheese meals. If the student skips putting the K-cup in the machine, they get the water hot enough to cook prepared noodles, oatmeal, and other meals that require boiling water.

college dorm kitchen items
Use Keurig water to make instant mac and cheese or Ramen instead of coffee.

2- Toaster– This isn’t just for toast. They can make pita pockets, quesadillas, and a veggie burger. You can put a frozen veggie burger in the toaster, put it on a bun and you have a healthy lunch.

3- Can Opener For easy meals, you will need a can opener. Open a can of tuna or chicken, mix in mayonnaise or cool whip and you can have a tuna sandwich or a chicken salad sandwich. Throw the leftovers in a container and you have a meal for the next day!

dorm room kitchen essentials
With a can opener you can make a tuna sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, beans on toast and more!

4- Small Blender- A small blender such as the Magic Bullet can open a world of meal opportunities! Smoothies with frozen fruit and almond milk or regular milk, milkshakes with ice cream and milk, protein shake with protein powder, fruit, veggies, milk, and almond butter. There are so many smoothie recipes to try.

5- Microwave– If your college allows it a microwave is a great dorm option for preparing meals in college. With a microwave, a student can cook a whole host of meals including:

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Salmon
  • Quesadillas
  • Nachos

Cooking in the dorm can be a challenge but with the right kitchen equipment it can be done and it can save you money in the long run! Not only does it save you money, you can eat a lot healthier by cooking for yourself and your dorm-mates in college.

We have an independent living recipe book that includes a choice board if you are interested in using it in the high school classroom. This makes a great high school senior gift!

This cookbook makes a great high school senior gift!

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