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About Me

Cooking up something great!

Hi, I’m Arlene and my husband Chris and I are here to help culinary arts and family and consumer science teachers with teaching ideas and lesson plans that are easy to use.

We are teachers with a background in the culinary arts and we love to help busy teachers like you!

You are in the right place if you are a busy teacher that may be juggling more than one prep!

We are here to help you with

  • food lab recipe ideas
  • instructional strategies for the secondary classroom
  • no-prep lesson plans that will make your life easier

We understand the struggle and want to help!

Chris and Arlene have combined teaching experience of over 20 years. Chris is a professional Country Club Sous Chef turned Culinary Arts teacher and Arlene has been teaching in both the middle and high school levels in different capacities. She holds a Masters degree in educational degree and design and loves to create engaging lessons for secondary students. 

After a tragedy that left Arlene raising 3 daughters on her own, she reconnected with Chris, her high school boyfriend. They married, blending their families and, much to their surprise and excitement, had twin boys!

Chris transitioned out of the professional kitchen and into the classroom and together they create curriculum for the culinary arts and family consumer science. 

When Chris transitioned into teaching, he was struggling to find quality resources to support his students in understanding cooking fundamentals. We decided to work hard to create lessons and activities that help him and thousands of other teachers bring career content into the secondary classroom. 

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