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True vs. Toxic Friends Google Activity

This is a social-emotional relationship activity for middle school and high school students that helps them determine true vs. toxic friendships. This is a great assignment for family consumer science, school counseling and more.



Do you want to help your students differentiate between friends that are true to them and toxic friend relationships? This Google activity includes scenarios for middle school and high school students to work through and discuss what are actions made by true friends and actions made by toxic peers in their life.

This SEL activity is a great way to spark conversation with middle school and high school students and build trust. It can be used as an individual assignment or for group counseling.

What’s Included in this SEL activity for middle school?

  • reading about the two types of friendship behaviors
  • scenarios that they choose “true” or “toxic”
  • create your own scenarios
  • questions to check for understanding

Some examples of scenarios:

  • Michael had to cancel plans with Joe. Joe went onto social media and called Michael a “loser”. Is this True or Toxic behavior?
  • Autumn won her volleyball game. Libby ran up to her at the end of the game and gave her a hug. Is this True or Toxic behavior?


What teachers are saying about this social-emotional learning activity for friendship:

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