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4 Sub Plans for Secondary Teachers

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Emergency Sub Plans for High School or Middle School

Have a sick child or are sick yourself? When you have to be out of school, Culinary Arts or FACS are not the easiest subjects to create sub plans for. We offer some sub-plan ideas below.

1- Show a video. There are a number of video options to show that are related to cooking to use as a sub plan. Some of the ones we have shown are:

  • The Food that Built America series on Hulu or History Channel is an interesting video series on the American history of popular foods that we eat today. We have questions for the entire first season…click on the image to see the resource.
Food that built America video questions for culinary arts and FACS middle school and high school students.
Video questions for any video. Makes a great middle school sub plan.

2- Webquests and Projects- I love WebQuests as sub plans for high school.  Most importantly, students can work on them independently. They answer questions as they look up the answers online with the links provided.

Sometimes if I am in a real pinch for them to be busy and quiet I make the Webquest into a competition. Challenging them by telling them that the first 3 students to complete the WebQuest correctly gets a prize (candy works well lol). This lights a fire under the kids! Additionally, we have a dietary guidelines Webquest that works well and keeps them busy for an entire class period.

3- A cooking sub plan freebie! Need something quick and easy to assign? Here is a FREE emergency sub plan that you can assign in Google for easy sub plans for your family consumer science or culinary classes.

We also have a baking sub plan that is in Google format and is super easy for your students to work on while you are out of the classroom.

Sub Plan Template for When you Want to Create Your Own

Check out this free sub-plan template for high school or middle school that is easy to use and ready to go!

culinary arts and FACS webquest for sub plans

We also have a beef lesson Webquest where students click on the images to read information and watch videos to answer questions.

Here is a free research project on cheese that is another great sub-plan option. If you need to extend the assignment, students can create a Google Slideshow and present to the class.

4- EdPuzzleEdpuzzle is really useful because the work is done for you, all you have to do is assign it to your students. Search for the topic you are currently teaching and there will hopefully be videos and questions already made for you by other teachers.

If you want, you can edit the questions and create some of your own. You assign it to your students and you will be able to see their progress. For instance, I searched herbs and spices and found some great content.

We also have an eggs lesson that is perfect to use for a sub-plan. Click the image to check it out!

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