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Culinary Arts and FACS Class Bagel Making

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High School Culinary Arts Recipes

Is breakfast foods a part of your curriculum? When teaching culinary arts or FACS, who doesn’t love a delicious bagel, fresh out of the oven? We have been making bagels with our Culinary Arts classes and they have been turning out on point! The students love the process and especially enjoy shaping the bagel with the hole. They say it is “satisfying”.

History– the first record of bagels (historically spelled beigel) dates back to the early 1600s in Poland and was made by the Jewish communities. They were used as a gift for women that had just given birth.

Lox- Bagels covered in cream cheese and cured salmon also known as lox are a Jewish-American tradition. Chris made these for his student-run cafe recently and they were a hit among the staff that recognized what they were.

Culinary arts and FACS classes making bagels
Lox, cucumbers, onions and cream cheese

We have perfected a bagel recipe that is attached below. We don’t double the recipe because it turns out so well as is. Just make a few batches if you need.

bagel recipe for cooking with students in high school and middle school culinary arts and FCS
Click on the image to download the recipe!

Here’s a great article about making homemade bagels NY style that includes topping ideas such as eggs and cheese.

In a high school Culinary Arts, teaching about bread is an important part of the curriculum. The bagel cooking lab would go well during a bread unit. We have a lesson including a presentation and questions in Google that can help you teach the important information about bread! It includes bread around the world, how bread is made, and more.

Background Knowledge on Breakfast Foods

Teaching about breakfast foods can be really fun because there are so many options for food labs. As a result, before we dive into breakfast recipes, we use this lesson that includes a slideshow, guided notes and questions because it’s important to give students background knowledge about the history of breakfast foods and types of breakfast dishes.

Click to learn more!

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