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6 Culinary Teacher Must Haves

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Culinary Arts Teacher Faves

There are so many things we need to do to prepare for a new school year and it is so important to think about the things that will make our lives easier and more comfortable. A happy culinary arts teacher makes a happy classroom!

Here are a few things we make sure we have to make our back-to-school teaching a smooth transition. There are affiliate links included in this post.

1- Non-Slip Work Shoes– Nobody wants to fall in front of teenagers! Chris wears Klogs Footwear in the kitchen and swears by them. These also help prevent foot pain from being on your feet all day long because they have pretty good support.

culinary arts shoes suggestion
We like these Klogs Footwear for cooking in the classroom.

Some people prefer crocs in the kitchen as well. With Crocs you can get creative with the colors! Crocs just don’t have the same support inside for your arches.

2- To-Go Coffee Mug– that will keep your coffee HOT for a long time. Even though a bit pricey, nothing compares to a Yeti To-Go Mug. The thing keeps my coffee hot for a long time. On the flip side, it keeps a smoothie cold for a long time as well. They are also less likely to spill. Chris got the big 30 oz. mug for Christmas, he can keep his coffee in there all day and it stays hot.

We have bought so many different brands and find that the Yeti is hands down the best.

3- Apron– Dressing for teaching every day can get expensive, so keeping your clothes protected with an apron is essential and can save you money in the long run. We love the Hedley & Bennett Aprons but there are also cheaper chef aprons on Amazon. Without these aprons, your clothes will never make it an entire school year. Grease stains end up ruining quite a few pairs of pants each school year and the last thing you want to spend money on is more work clothes.

4- Digital Thermometer– a must-have to check the internal temperature of foods you cook with the kids. It is a great way to model safe cooking procedures as well and get your students in the habit of checking temps. We have this one and it works well. A candy thermometer is not a bad idea either.

5- Chef Knife- Having your own chef knife that no one uses but you can help set boundaries with your students and give you a tool you are most comfortable with. I love the Wustof Knives and don’t mind splurging a bit on a knife that I will use for years and can take with me wherever I will be cooking. Having one on hand at home as well is helpful for home cooking.

6- Variable Speed Blender One at school and one at home, please! These are used for mixing, crushing, pureeing, emulsifying, you name it. We love the Vitamix and have had our one at home for almost 10 years now, they last! Our teens use it all the time at home for smoothies with almond milk, peanut butter and frozen fruit, I just have to remind them to wash it, which doesn’t always happen.

6- Sharpies! We label and date everything so you know how old the food is that you prepped. You can different colors, different shapes, or whatever you prefer for your labeling system. Chris keeps one in his chef coat sleeve at all times along with a pen and highlighter.

More Teacher Must Haves

Stackable bins for small kitchen tools and quick grabs.

Computer mouse that’s ergonomic and wireless to prevent hand discomfort.

Label maker so you don’t lose your important small equipment.

Dry-erase pockets. I love these checklists for students to complete because you can re-use them over and over.

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