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FACS Food Lab Ideas Using Disney Movies

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Disney Recipes from Movies

Are you looking for Disney recipes for your FACS class to teach your kids or students about different regional cuisines but want to get them interested? Here are Disney Movie country’s regional recipes that can make cooking and learning to cook fun for your FCS, Culinary Arts classes, or your homeschool class.

Let’s start with one of the newest Disney movies…

🇨🇴 Encanto– Encanto is set in Columbia, South America. The setting is vibrant and beautiful and it is all about the home and comfort. One dish mentioned in the film is arepas. Mirabel even sings about the dish…’My mom Julieta can make you feel better with just one arepa’. Arepas are pretty easy to make and would be a great cooking lab for your students or your children at home while watching this musical! We have a blog post on South American cuisine and other global foods labs if you would like more ideas for the region.

🇳🇴 Frozen– This movie has a soft spot for me because my daughter starred as Elsa in the middle school musical last year. Frozen is set in Norway and they have a pretty neat dessert called Tilslørte Bondepiker. It translates as “veiled peasant girl” and includes apples and bread crumbs. I can imagine Ana and Elsa enjoying this little trifle-type dessert. If you would like more about Norwegian food, we have a full lesson on the Foods of Norway. Your FACS class will recognize this theme!

🌍 Lion King– Let’s head over to Africa and make a delicious and healthy African drink. This African tea includes honey or your favorite sweetener, ginger, and lemons. Ginger is loaded with antioxidants and can settle an upset stomach and ward off diseases so we love this drink to sip on especially in the summer! We have a lesson on the Foods of Africa that includes a slideshow, guided notes and questions if you are looking for a complete activity.

⚜️ Princess and the Frog– This movie is set in New Orleans, USA. and what better dish from the region than Jambalaya? The McCormick website has an easy jambalaya that can be made with your class and gives students the chance to get an idea of what the dish is about. If you are interested in an American Regional Cuisine Lesson we have this comprehensive lesson that includes a slide show, guided notes, and questions to check for understanding.

american regional cuisine lesson for culinary arts and FCS. Family and consumer science projects.

Click the image for our American Regional Cuisine Lesson on TPT

🇮🇹 Pinocchio– This movie about a morally conflicted puppet is set in Tuscany, Italy. Having been to Italy myself and basically melted at the deliciousness of the food, I had to squeeze this one in. My favorite dish in Italy was fresh fish with potatoes and vegetables and olive oil. For our classes, we do Spaghetti Carbonara. This recipe says it yields only 4 but you can either double it or give your students a small portion to taste.

🇫🇷 Beauty and the Beast- Beauty and the Beast is set in mid-1700’s France. What’s cool in that movie is that they actually have the “Be Our Guest” scene in which they set up service and show some foods. One dish they mention is a French Cheese Soufflé. If you can’t find Gruyere cheese, you can substitute it with Beaufort or swiss cheese. This is a fun Disney recipe for your high school foods class.

Disney recipes for family and consumer science food lab ideas and projects for high school and middle school FCS.

Belle tasting a cheese soufflé from Beauty and the Beast. Check out the recipe here.

🌟 We have a Global Foods Bundle with lessons about foods around the world including Asia, Africa, South America, Norway, Germany, Italy, and more! Each lesson includes a slideshow with real images, guided notes, and questions. Most of the lessons also include a recipe for classroom cooking labs.

Check out our Global Foods Bundle for High School FACS class and Culinary Arts class.

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