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Best Gifts for a Culinary Arts Teacher

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Presents for Cooks

Having a professional chef as a husband can make for some unique shopping challenges. At least our holiday meals are delicious!

But it’s not easy to buy for someone with a ton of kitchen gadgets and must-haves already. Luckily, this list has some unique ideas, chef-approved!

Here are some of Chris’ favorites from years past. I am using affiliate links of products we love from Amazon.

1- Cooking MagazinesBon Appetit is trendy and has cool recipes that are well done. Milk Street breaks down techniques really well and has a lot of regional dishes.

presents for cooks

2- Vollum Manual Spiralizer– Spruce up salads and make alternative spaghetti noodles with veggies. It cuts ribbons of squash, slices of onions in fun ways that are professional quality.

culinary arts chef gifts for the home cooks

3- Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone Kit– it’s a constant job for a chef, sharpening knives. We all know it’s safer to have a sharp knife than a dull one so this gift will give the gift of safety and make their lives easier!

cooking gifts 2022

4- Vegetable and Fruit Peeling Carving Kit– need to carve a pumpkin, need to carve vegetables for a display…this kit has got your back. This one is on Chris’ wish list, it would be a great one to have on hand for all the culinary tricks.

kitchen must haves for chefs

5- Pizza Peel– who doesn’t love pizza? Chefs seem to love experimenting with pizza dough and toppings. Around here, we all benefit from Chris’ pizza making and he loves a good pizza peel. They last forever and prevent a messy pizza from coming out of the oven!

chef gifts for culinary arts teachers

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