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5 Best YouTube Channels for Teaching Culinary Arts High School

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Best YouTube Channels for Teaching FACS and Culinary Arts

To be honest, high school students love YouTube so why not grab their attention with some quality cooking shows and food related videos!

Here are some of the best cooking Youtube channels and shows for teaching foods. Also, we have a free video worksheet for ANY cooking or baking show. Download it here!

Best YouTube Channels for Cooking Teachers:

1- Babish Culinary Universe:

Babish’s videos range from 3 minutes to 20 minutes and he shows you how to cook everything from a Tortilla Chip Sombrero to Chicken Parm. He is dry but funny and the editing and visuals are great. We have learned a lot from him over the years.

Here is one of his videos, you can click the picture and follow his page if you like it!

2- Insider Food- Regional Eats:

If you are teaching Global Foods or just incorporating international cuisine into your lessons, these videos are really interesting and relevant. The host travels around the world to learn how certain foods are made. The bonus is she speaks numerous languages! The episode on how Iberian ham is made is a great addition to your beef and meat lesson plans.

This one is about how olive oil is made in Greece. It is great!

3 Bigger Bolder Baking:

Do you do a lot of baking and pastry with your students? This Youtube channel is really colorful and easy to watch. She only uses equipment that would be available in most kitchens. The host Gemma Stafford has a cool British accent that the kids kind of like to listen to.

Here are her homemade milkshakes that are not difficult to make.

4- Tasty

Weird, quirky but fun. In addition, this channel is geared toward a younger generation and the hosts are true chefs. Students can gain some knowledge from even if the recipes are goofy at times. Examples include turning Popeye’s chicken into dessert and creating a child’s drawing into a dish.

This would be a fun one for the end of the class period or the day before break, maybe testing week?

5- Sally’s Baking Addiction:

Even as a professional chef, Chris still uses Sally’s recipes! Obviously, her recipes are tried and true and her videos are easy to follow. Her videos include meal time dishes, baked goods, desserts, most anything you can think of, she has it! Sally does not do a ton of talking most of the time so they are short and to the point.

Easy Video Sub Plans for FACS

Want a quick and easy sub plan to assign to your culinary arts students in Google? We have a sub plan resource that is ready to use and easy for a substitute to assign! Students watch the embedded videos and answer questions.

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