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Food Safety Activity – Food Handler Doodle Notes

Food safety activity for culinary arts that has students drawing doodle notes to review ServSafe food handler materials.



This is a fun way to review what your students learned with ServSave food handler and food safety. This doodle notes packet includes hand-drawn notes pages for students to complete as they learn or to review.

This packet will keep your culinary arts and FCS students engaged in the ServSafe content! As you teach about food safety and sanitation students write notes and color the pages to remember the content.

What is covered in this food handler doodle notes activity?

  • cross-contamination and ways to prevent it
  • ways that people can make food unsafe
  • physical, chemical, and biological hazards
  • the 5 steps to properly washing your hands
  • 10 reasons and instances to wash your hands when preparing food
  • what to wear and not to wear when preparing food and working in a kitchen
  • foods most likely to become unsafe
  • the temperature danger zone and TCS foods
  • cooking TCS foods
  • the most common food allergens and how to serve someone with a food allergy

10 pages of doodle notes to print and hand out to your students. They can either work independently on the notes using the ServSafe book or take the notes as you present them. This is also a tremendous ServSafe review!

Who is this food handler worksheet packet for?

  • Prostart students
  • Culinary arts high school and middle school students
  • Family and consumer science (FCS or FACS) students
  • Home Economics students
  • Homeschool cooking students


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