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Kitchen Safety Worksheet – Kitchen Safety Crime Scene



Are you looking for a fun way to introduce your students to kitchen safety without all the prep? This activity includes scenarios in which students become kitchen detectives to identify the major safety hazards. Kitchen safety topics such as fire hazards in the kitchen, cross-contamination, knife safety, falls, and burns. This is a great lesson for life skills, intro to culinary arts, and middle school FCS or Home Economics!


Your students can become kitchen safety detectives! Start with the PowerPoint or Google Slide Show and a reading to review the most common kitchen hazards, then students will analyze 10 kitchen crime scenes to determine…what is the kitchen safety crime?


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This cooking safety resource comes in both printable PDF and Google versions!

What’s Included in this Kitchen Safety Activity?

  • Reading about the 5 different hazard categories
    • cross-contamination
    • burns/fires
    • cuts/knife safety
    • falls
    • electrical shock
  • PowerPoint Presentation and Google Slideshow covering the types of kitchen safety hazards
  • Guided Notes to go with the presentation
  • 10 kitchen scenes that show a specific hazard in the kitchen such as:
    • towel on stovetop
    • broken glass on the floor
    • raw meat next to cookies
    • cat in the kitchen
    • cell phone charging on sink and more!
  • 13 Worksheets with kitchen safety scenarios to have students write the clues, a story about what happened in the kitchen, and to determine the hazard category.
  • Answer Key


⭐ Who is this cooking safety activity intended for?

  • Middle school life skills
  • Upper Elementary life skills
  • Culinary Arts students as a review or fun activity
  • Family and Consumer Science Middle School Students


Family and Consumer Science Standards-: 8.2.7 Demonstrate safe food handling and preparation techniques that prevent cross-contamination from potentially hazardous foods, between raw and ready-to-eat foods, and between animal and fish sources and other food


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