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Kitchen Measurement Digital Escape Room

This is a Google kitchen measurement assignment for teaching and reviewing kitchen math. Students move through sets of clues to “breakout” of the escape room. A great activity for life skills, family and consumer science, and culinary arts teachers and can be used as an independent assignment, small group work or as a sub plan.



This kitchen measurement activity is a digital escape room that is a fun challenge! It is a no-prep way to help your middle school and high school students learn about and review kitchen measurements. This will better prepare your students for working in the kitchen in the classroom and beyond.


Students move through 8 clues in a Google form and Google slides to “crack” the kitchen math codes.


Topics in this kitchen measurement activity include:

  • teaspoon, tablespoon conversions
  • doubling a recipe
  • converting a recipe to half the yield
  • cups, ounces, gallons, quarts, pints, etc.
  • good measuring practices
  • practice reading a recipe and looking for measurements

*An answer key is included as well for easy grading.

These digital escape rooms take about 40 minutes and can be completed by students individually or in pairs and make a great sub plan!


⭐ Google is needed for this assignment.


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