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Digital Escape Rooms for Family and Consumer Science Teachers

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Google Forms Escape Rooms for Secondary Students

Who doesn’t love the suspense of an escape room? Digital escape rooms are a great option if you don’t have time to deal with the setup of a classroom escape room because they are on the computer. Although, with online escape rooms they often will have to write on paper, talk to their partner, and keep focused on the clues.

free digital escape room middle school health and nutrition

Check out this free digital escape room on nutrition. A sugar escape room that will keep your students engaged and having fun while learning an important life skill!

If you haven’t tried a virtual escape room, you are going to love them and so will the kids! The way we set them up is in an escape room in Google Form that is linked to Google slides. This article by Edutopia explains the benefits of these learning tools.

  • The student or small group of students is assigned a Google Form with instructions and links.
  • Each link takes them to a “clue” that needs to be “cracked”. They must type the code on the Google Form in order to move to the next link. If they get the answer wrong, they receive an error message.
  • You will copy and paste the link to each clue in the Google form as a new question as seen below:
Virtual escape rooms for students including google forms escape room free.
virtual escape rooms for facs and culinary arts high school and middle school teachers
Google Forms are a great way to insert links to Breakout Codes for students. They type the answer at the bottom of each “link” on the Form.
  • The clues are Google Slides that require a forced copy by each student. It is helpful to have students prepare with a piece of paper or small dry-erase boards to help them record information.
  • Once they complete all of the clues they are finished with the escape room.
  • You will want to include the answer so that students get an error message if they are incorrect. The image below shows you how to do this so they have to have the correct answer to move on to the next question.
Google forms escape rooms for secondary students.
How to assign them to your students

How We Create the Digital Breakout Rooms

Here is a video explaining how we set up our digital escape rooms in Google Forms and what students will see as they play.

Free Escape Games Online

Here is a free virtual escape room to help you get an idea! This digital escape room is great for middle school students learning the basics of babysitting in a family consumer science, child development or life skills class. You can assign this as a sub plan, independent work or just for fun!

Digital escape rooms free for middle school and high school students.
This is a free digital escape room for middle school students

What is great about these types of activities is they can be done independently or in small groups and require attention to the task for an entire class period. Each of the ones I make takes middle school and high school students about 40 minutes.

When to Use Digital Escape Rooms

  • Sub plans– these are great to use when you have to be out of the classroom and are easy to assign with a substitute. Leaving an answer key is always a good idea so the sub can help the students.
  • Independent work– days you need the kids to be busy and engaged so you can do general classroom “housekeeping” and grading.
  • Assessment– yes, you can use them to assess your students! These can be either a formative assessment or a summative assessment.
  • Back to school activity or Icebreaker– online escape rooms can be a great way for students to build relationships and create a positive classroom culture.
  • Early finisher work– when students finish early or you are rotating when students cook, you can have a digital escape room as an early finisher assignment that is ongoing. Students can come back to work on the same one over the course of a week as they finish the main classroom content early.

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More Online Escape Room Resources

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