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High School Culinary Arts Curriculum That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Food Lessons for High School and Middle School

When Chris was hired as a culinary arts teacher he was excited but completely overwhelmed. Have you ever felt like there is just not enough time in the day or money in the budget to be an effective foods teacher?

Sometimes you have to give background knowledge before you let the kids start cooking but that takes planning and time.

How do you present your lessons to your students? We chose to create slideshows, notes, and activities that introduce the foods that will be made in culinary class. This does 2 things:

1- It gives the students schema or background knowledge about the food they will make.

2- It takes up more time in the week! If you are in the routine of this, you don’t feel the need to be cooking all the time. Students expect a day of instruction before the food lab and it can be considered cross-curricular because you are incorporating reading and writing.

nutrition activities for culinary arts and family and consumer science high school middle school
Students complete activities and answer questions after a short lecture before we cook.

When you follow a scope and sequence it really helps to set a pace and take notes on your progress for the year. I like to compare my notes and progress from the year before and once I had a couple of years under my belt it was all so much easier. Check out our free scope and sequence to help you organize your planning for a semester or the school year!

Free Scope and Sequence for Culinary and FCS

Having a binder of culinary arts worksheets and a Google folder of lesson plans is another great help because you can look ahead at what you planned the year before and get your copies ready if you need them.

Why Lectures Work in Culinary Arts Too!

Lectures are controversial but they do have some value in that it gives students knowledge about what they are about to cook and work with. You can do a guided notes lecture with questions and an activity for an entire period and the students can learn so much! Let’s be honest, it also takes up some instructional time and students can work on the questions during lab down time. Setting up class this way can make a great observation lesson as well.

culinary arts lesson plan for breakfast foods that follows prostart standards
For instance, before making breakfast foods in the cooking lab, we learn about history of breakfast foods, types of breakfast food styles and more!

If you just don’t want to deal with all of the planning, especially if you teach multiple preps, you may be interested in our Mega Bundle. Our bundle of culinary arts high school curriculum includes over 100 lessons and activities for the classroom to use with food labs and as instruction. Students learn the standards for family and consumer science foods as well as Prostart standards with the material covered. It also includes a Google folder with all materials included as well as the scope and sequence.

Here’s what Ashley had to say about this bundle:

“Extremely satisfied” “Love, love, love this resource!! It has a great variety of activities in each unit. It was a HUGE help for my first year of teaching culinary!”

culinary arts high school curriculum and Prostart lesson plans for high school
This curriculum will make your life so much easier.

Are you teaching Global Foods or International Foods to high school students? We also have a Global Foods Lesson Bundle as well as a blog post with food lab ideas for the classroom that includes a Mexican foods lesson, Indian foods lesson, Italian foods and more. Pulling up one of these lessons for each region that you teach can save you a ton of time and help to keep you organized!

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