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Family and Consumer Science Lessons

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Free Family and Consumer Science Lessons

As a Family and Consumer Science teacher, you have a lot on your “plate”. Juggling multiple preps is intense and as a creative person you want every lesson to be on point and engaging for your students. Here are some of my favorite FREE resources for your FACS class:

Child development high school class can be tricky because teaching materials are hard to come by. It is such a fun class to teach though and can be very relatable to students as they can think about their childhood as well as other children in their life.

Nutrition Lessons for High School

Nutrition is a life skill that students value learning about and it always surprises me how little they know about good food and what their bodies need. The MyPlate website has been a great tool for teaching nutrition.

Financial literacy should be taught to all teenagers! You can’t get by in life without this life skill and it is amazing to see some high schools cutting FACS class. Lately, it seems like we do all finances online but there are still skills that teens need to know like writing checks that they aren’t exposed to as much.

Learning to cook is such an essential skill these days as the price of food has increased and going out to eat has become more expensive. Your students will appreciate all you teach them when they head to college or out on their own! We also have a full culinary arts curriculum bundle in our TPT store that may interest you. It will have you planned for an entire semester or school year!

facs class absenses from food labs
This free Google activity is great to assign students that were absent during a food lab day. They can get points from this assignment and work independently.

Some other Child Development lesson plans for high school that we have in our TPT store include:

child development lesson plans for high school

This board game is a fun way for your middle school and high school child development students to review important vocabulary!


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