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American Regional Cuisine Lesson- Global Foods

American Regional Foods lesson plan for high school culinary arts or family consumer science. This lesson includes a slideshow about the different foods and their origins in the United States as well as guided notes, questions, and a research activity.



Are you looking for an interactive way to teach your Culinary Arts and FACS students about the regional cuisines of the United States? This lesson is a PowerPoint presentation, no-prep lesson that includes a presentation, questions, and a research activity. The lesson will take about 2 days.

You can present the slideshow by clicking each region to teach the foods of the area. Students can also click on the different regions of the United States to learn about the cuisine in each region and to help them answer the questions.

 You or your students click on the regions in the United States to learn about:

  • food history and culture of each region of the United States
  • geographic influences on the cuisine such as water and mountains
  • economic influences on the cuisine such as immigrant influence and more

 American Regions Covered:

  • New England
  • Cajun/Creole
  • Southwest
  • Northeast
  • California
  • Mountain West
  • East Coast
  • Mid-West
  • Barbecue
  • Southern

What’s Included in this Culinary Arts Lesson?

  • 23 slides all about American foods and their history
  • Guided Notes for students to follow along with the presentation
  • 13 questions for students to complete based on the presentation
  • Research assignment for students to research 2 foods from the presentation.


NYS Global Foods Standards- Regional Cuisine of the United States Performance Objective 1 RC.1 Investigate the seven regions of the United States and the origins of their food traditions RC.1.1. Identify the seven regions of the United States – New England, Mid-Atlantic, South, Midwest, West and Southwest, Pacific Coast, Hawaiian Islands. RC.1.2. Explore factors that have influenced the development of the food traditions of each region RC.1.3. Analyze the nutritional value of the foods of each region


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