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Food Costs Lesson for Culinary Arts



Are you looking for a way to help your culinary arts and Prostart middle school and high school students understand food costing in an engaging way? This no-prep resource will help your students understand the basics of food costing in the restaurant industry and how to cut food costs and calculate food cost percentages.

 What’s Included in this food costing resource pack?

  • 14-page slide show in both PowerPoint and Google that covers:
    • how to calculate the food cost of an item
    • waste in a restaurant
    • portioning sizes
    • budgeting a menu
    • purchasing controls
    • video on food costing in a restaurant
    • ways to lower food costs
  • 3-page guided notes to follow the presentation so that students stay engaged
  • 11 questions to review food costing information that students learned from the presentation that can be printed or assigned with Google.
  • 4 scenarios to help students better understand food costing and can be used as an assessment to check for understanding.
  • Answer key for food costing questions

Who is this culinary arts resource for?

  • High school and middle school Culinary Arts
  • High school and middle school Family and Consumer Science
  • High school and middle school Prostart
  • Home Economics


Prostart Strand 8-

students will identify methods of cost control including budgets. Explain the food cost percentage method for menu pricing using a 33% food cost.

National Family and Consumer Sciences– 8.4.3 Analyze food, equipment, and supplies needed for menus.8.4.7 Apply principles of Measurement, Portion Control, Conversions, Food Cost Analysis and Control, Menu Terminology, and Menu Pricing to menu planning.


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