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Back to School Activity Spice of My Life



Are you seeking a get-to-know-you worksheet or poster for your middle and high school students? This is a food-themed getting-to-know-you back-to-school activity with the theme of a spice rack and a goal soup worksheet.

The spices of my life ask students questions such as:

  • favorite food
  • favorite food to cook
  • favorite subject, favorite sport, and more!

My Goal Soup– students write down their goals for the school year in a bowl of soup.

It is a great way to get to know your students and allow them to share their favorite things with their class. We also use these to decorate the classroom to show an interest in our students! Includes Printable PDF, Google Version, and Easel Version.

What other teachers are saying:

“Perfect for use with my in-person high schoolers! Thanks so much!”



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