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Farm to Table Lesson Plan for Culinary – FACS – Ag Tech CTE

This agriculture lesson plan is all about Farm to Table and Farm to Fork history and benefits. It includes a slideshow, guided notes, questions and a WebQuest for students complete.



This Farm-to-Table resource will have you planned for at least 2 days! It includes a slideshow about the history of farm-to-table as well as the benefits and embedded videos. Students follow the presentation with guided notes in either print or Google. They then answer questions and complete a WebQuest all about current farm-to-fork and slow-food restaurants.

What’s Included?

  • 29-page slideshow that includes:
    • history of farm to table
    • 4 pillars of farm-to-table food
    • sustainable restaurant practices
    • self-reliance farming and food for communities
    • slow food definition and examples
    • Youtube videos about sustainability, the benefits of eating local, and more!
  • Guided Notes in both google and PDF
  • Student questions in both google and PDF
  • A WebQuest for students to complete while reading about current slow food restaurants.
  • Answer keys for easy grading

⭐ If you already purchased the Culinary Arts Mega Bundle or the Agriculture Bundle, this has been added for free to those bundles.

Who is this Farm to Table Resource For?

  • CTE Ag Tech classes
  • Culinary Arts and Prostart High School
  • Family and Consumer Science High School
  • Home Economics High School

Prostart Standards:

Describe ways a restaurant or foodservice operation can build or make structural improvements to its facility in a sustainable way. Describe how a restaurant or foodservice operation can reduce the total amount of its waste. List items that a restaurant or foodservice operation can reuse or recycle.


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