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Gourmet Ramen Challenge for FACS and Culinary Arts

This fun culinary arts project has students use a simple pack of ramen noodles to create their own special dish! This resource includes all that you need beyond the actual ingredients to set up a gourmet ramen challenge in your middle school or high school cooking class!


  • reading on the history of ramen
  • questions for students to answer
  • editable rubric for easy grading
  • student brainstorm sheet
  • taste test judges sheet
  • invitation to the Gourmet Ramen challenge
  • and more!




gourmet ramen challenge is a great way to get students excited about cooking and working in the kitchen! This family and consumer science and culinary arts project includes everything you need to put together a fun ramen noodle challenge with your students.

What’s Included:

  • Reading about ramen including the history of ramen and its rise in the US
  • Questions within the reading to check for understanding
  • Editable Rubric in both Google and PDF
  • Brainstorming Sheet for students
  • Recipe template for students’ creations
  • Ramen Challenge Banner for the classroom
  • Teacher directions for the project based on how we do it in our classroom
  • Scoreboard for in-class taste testing

This resource comes in both a zip file and in Google form (link included in zip).

Your culinary arts, Prostart, family consumer science, home economics, or CTE students will love this project! This also makes a great observation lesson for you!

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1 review for Gourmet Ramen Challenge for FACS and Culinary Arts

  1. Michelle H

    I did this lesson with my Culinary IB students. They loved it. I challenged my morning students to make breakfast ramen and to try to create something other than soup. They showed such creativity. Great prep for the lesson and a great recipe page.

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