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Food Safety Crime Scene Activity



Your life skills, culinary arts, or FCS students will have fun learning about food safety with this food safety crime scene activity in both Print and Google! This introduction to food safety activity has students investigating kitchen scenes in which someone has become sick from a food safety mistake. After reading about the rules of safe cooking, your students will become kitchen detectives identifying food preparation errors such as the internal temperature of food, improper storage of meats, handwashing errors, and more!

These Family and Consumer Science worksheets are no prep and can be assigned with paper copies as a fun group work project or assigned in Google Classroom as independent work for your FACS or cooking in the classroom students.

What’s Included in this Food Safety Activity?

  • A 1-page reading on the rules of food safety including:
    • handwashing for at least 20 seconds
    • the FIFO rule of first in, first out of the cooler or refrigerator
    • storing meats in the bottom compartment of the refrigerator
    • preventing cross-contamination
    • proper internal temperatures for cooking meats
    • proper temperature for reheating foods
    • avoiding dented, rusted or unlabeled cans of food
    • keeping cold food at the right temperature and refrigerator temperature
    • and more!
  • 10 kitchen scenes with food safety clues for students to investigate
  • 10 clues worksheets to record the clues they find in the scenes and match the food safety problem with the rule.
  • Answer Key for easy grading
  • All of these elements are in both Google and Print

Who is this Food Safety Activity For?

  • Family and Consumer Science students
  • Culinary Arts classes
  • Prostart classes
  • Home Economics classes
  • Home School Middle School or Home School High School
  • Life Skills classes to prepare for cooking in the classroom

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  1. Carolyn Schafer

    I love that this comes in google AND Easel! The Easel version helps with absent student, and Easel SELF GRADES!

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