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Chopped Mystery Basket Activity for FACS and Culinary Arts



What teachers are saying:

“This was such an awesome way for my students to stretch themselves and show off their skills. They loved this new way of showing off their creativity.”

Are you looking for a no-prep, fun activity for your culinary arts and classes that has them creating recipes with a mystery basket? This is a fun mystery basket activity based off of the television show Chopped for students to complete even if they don’t have the ingredients! This resource is in both Google and Print.

There are 10 mystery baskets and students create a dish with the ingredients either independently or with a partner. They answer questions about the dish and describe how they made it. Their peers then score their dishes based on creativity and techniques used!

When to use this resource?

  • ice breaker activity
  • sub plans
  • virtual lesson
  • station activity in class where students rotate to the different “baskets” and create a dish.

This resource is in both Google and Printable PDF versions

What’s Included?

  • 10 mystery baskets with real images of food
  • 10 questions sheets to go with each basket
  • 10 scoring sheets to go with each basket
  • Basket ingredients ideas

Some ingredient combinations:

  • barbecue sauce, pizza dough, broccoli, and cheddar cheese
  • greek yogurt, pork chops, walnuts, leeks

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