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Global Foods Lessons for Culinary Arts



Are you looking for no-prep lessons for International Foods, Global Cuisine, or World Foods classes for culinary arts or prostart? This Cooking Around the World growing bundle includes lessons on 16 world regions that span the globe from America to Asia and help students understand cultural foods and influences.

These global cuisine activities will have you planned for each of the countries and we add new ones at no extra cost to you!

⭐ Many of the resources in this foods around the world bundle include regional recipes as well. This also includes the video questions for High on the Hog about the influence of African American foods on American cuisine.

All presentations are full of real and colorful images and include questions and activities to check for understanding and comprehension. You can present the lesson as you teach it and assign the questions to students to check for understanding.

These foods around the world lessons are no-prep and ready to teach and assign.

Some will automatically download into your Google Drive while some will need to click the Google link on a PDF or PowerPoint to download.

All global foods resources are in Google format.

What’s Included in this culinary arts resource?

  • South American Cuisine 29 page Presentation and questions
  • Asian Cuisine 27 pages Presentation and Questions
  • American Regional Cuisine presentation with clickable links for each region, Activity and questions
  • Mexican Foods 23 page presentation, guided notes and questions
  • French Cuisine 20 page presentation and Questions
  • Italian Foods Presentation and Questions
  • Native American Cuisine 16 page presentation, questions and activity
  • German Foods Lesson 18 page presentation with guided notes and questions
  • Irish Foods 13 page presentation with activity and recipe
  • African Cuisine Lesson with 16 page presentation and questions
  • Norwegian Cuisine Lesson with presentation and Questions
  • Spanish Cuisine 15 page presentation and Questions
  • Ukraine Foods Presentation, Questions, Ukraine Recipe
  • Australian Foods Presentation, Notes, Questions and Recipe
  • Greece Foods Presentation, Notes, Questions and Recipe
  • High on the Hog Video Questions for African American influences video
  • Global Foods Menu Project


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