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St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Culinary Arts and FACS



Have lesson plans ready for St. Patrick’s Day in your culinary arts or family consumer science class with this bundle of activities! This resource includes a Foods of Ireland presentation with videos, guided notes, and questions as well as St. Patrick’s Day visual recipes. Introduce your students to the history of St. Patrick’s Day and the way businesses make a profit on the holiday with products such as the Shamrock Shake with the marketing worksheet included.

☘️ What’s Included in this Culinary and FACS Bundle?

  • 23 Google slides about the dishes and history of Irish cuisine
  • Specific Irish dishes described with pictures
  • videos showing how to make some Irish dishes
  • student questions in Google to check for understanding
  • guided notes for students to complete during the slideshow
  • answer keys
  • Reading on the history of St. Patrick’s Day and how products are marketed during the holiday such as the Shamrock Shake.

The visual recipes include:

☘️ Lucky Shake (shamrock shake)- no-bake

☘️ Lucky Charms Rice Krispie Treats- no-bake

☘️ Irish Scones

This bundle is great for upper elementary, middle school, and high school family and consumer science, life skills, culinary arts, and home economics!


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