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Prostart Activities Customer Service in the Restaurant Industry Digital Escape Room – Culinary FACS



This principles of great service escape room will help you introduce or review the important concepts of customer service in the restaurant and hospitality industry with your culinary arts, Prostart or family and consumer science students! This is a fun activity that your students will enjoy!

This activity is a Google activity.

This activity will take your students about 40 minutes, and they will need access to the internet, including YouTube.

Here is a video explaining how to assign the digital version.

What’s included in this culinary escape room:

  • 8 clues all about principles of good service including:
    • different needs of guests including dietary restrictions, age and more.
    • emotional skills needed for good hospitality
    • how to deal with customer complaints
    • gathering reviews and feedback for restaurants
  • Digital Link for access to the Digital Escape Room
  • Answer key
  • Video on how to use the digital escape rooms

Prostart Standards:

Students will identify principles of Great Service.

  1. Explain the importance of customer service to the restaurant and foodservice industry.
  2. List the importance for making a good first impression of your establishment and give examples of how to make one.
  3. Describe special needs that some customers might have.
  4. Articulate ways to obtain feedback from guests to determine their satisfaction.
  5. Explain how customer complaints should be resolved.


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