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Herbs and Spices Activity for Culinary Arts and Family Consumer Science



This herbs and spices activity is an escape room that will help you introduce or review herbs and spices with your culinary arts or family and consumer science students! A fun way to introduce culinary uses, uses in global cuisines, the difference between herbs and spices, and more!

This activity comes in Print and Google versions.

This activity will take your students about 40 minutes, and they will need access to the internet, including YouTube.

Here is a video explaining how to assign the digital version.

What’s included in this culinary escape room:

  • 8 clues all about herbs and spices
    • culinary uses
    • difference between an herb and a spice
    • identifying herbs and spices in recipes
    • descriptions of different herbs and spices
    • reading internet articles about herbs and spices and 2 videos
  • Digital Link for access to the Digital Escape Room
  • Printable teacher version with answer key and student printable version.
  • Answer keys for both versions are included


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