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Kitchen Measurement Lesson – Kitchen Math Worksheets



Are you looking for a no-prep kitchen measurement activity that includes a slide show, guided notes, and questions for your middle or high school students? This kitchen math lesson and activity is a colorful and engaging way to teach your students about measurements for cooking that will keep them interested. This kitchen measuring lesson plan is in both Google version and PowerPoint.

 Your FACS, Culinary Arts or Life Skills students will enjoy this kitchen measuring lesson because it is colorful, uses real images, and has a variety of activities to practice the information they learn including a presentation, guided notes, recipe math practice and more!

This kitchen math lesson includes:

  • 25-page presentation on kitchen math including types of measurement and recipe conversions.
  • Guided notes for students to fill in as they follow the slideshow
  • Questions for students to practice
  • A double and half a recipe worksheet activity
  • Practice scenarios such as:
    • “How many cups in a pint?”
    • “How many ounces in a pound?”
    • “How many tsp. in one Tbsp?”
    • and more!
  • Kitchen measurement abbreviations Poster
  • Questions for kitchen measurement

The kitchen math lesson covers information such as:

  • liquid vs. solid measuring
  • cups
  • pints
  • quarts
  • gallon
  • measuring tools
  • teaspoons
  • tablespoons

 Important: To access the Google version, present the PowerPoint and you can click on the link which will direct you to Google where you can download it into your Drive.


Prostart: Identify and demonstrate proper use of measuring devices
11.1 Identify the equipment needed for receiving and storing food and supplies.

Family and Consumer Science: 8.5.3

Demonstrate knowledge of portion control and proper scaling and measurement techniques.


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