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Kitchen Math Measuring Activities

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Kitchen Measuring Teaching Resources

Doesn’t it seem like it takes forever to help your students understand basic kitchen measurements?

I find that introducing it with a lesson first lays the groundwork and helps to give some foundational knowledge of the math involved. Some of it can be simple once your kids grasp the concept.

Ways to Teach Kitchen Measurement

  1. Present the basics of dry and wet measurements in a slide show with some engaging questions. This Utah Education Network has free kitchen measurement worksheet downloads.
  2. Practice recipe conversions because it shows the real-life application to the students. We like to start with Bisquick because it only includes a few ingredients and prompts ratios for the kids. They make pancakes or you can do strawberry shortcake using the same mix if you want to try something different.
  3. Give them a simple recipe to mise en place and have all their measuring equipment out so they can demonstrate their measuring skills.
Kitchen Measurement Lesson
I use this Google Slides Lesson on Kitchen Measurement for the Presentation

It’s fun to give them challenging measuring questions as trivia like how many teaspoons in a gallon? Some kids can really catch on to this quickly!

4- Kitchen Measurement digital escape room. This digital escape room takes about 40 minutes and is assigned to students in Google. If you don’t have Google access at your school, you can print each clue and have students check in with you to see if they answered the code correctly. Chris has to do this because his school is strictly Microsoft.

Kitchen Measurement Lesson for High School

Assessing Student Kitchen Math Skills That Won’t Bore Them

Of course, at some point, you need to assess where your students are when it comes to kitchen math. So, hold your breath and give them a quiz on the subject to see where they are and if you still need to spend time on it. This drag-and-drop kitchen measurement is in our TPT store and uses TPT’s Easel to self-correct as students work through the assignment.

You either assign this in Google Classroom or give your students the link and they can open it that way. You get feedback on their progress without all of the grading and they are engaged and can practice over and over!

Hopefully with lots of practice and these fun activities, your students will master the art of kitchen math!



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