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Intro to Culinary Arts Curriculum for a Semester – Intro to Culinary Arts Curriculum



intro to culinarThis is the complete semester-long introduction to Culinary Arts Curriculum. This curriculum includes detailed lesson plans, slideshows, guided notes, activities, and assessments for culinary arts and intro to foods classes.

This can be used for family consumer science, home economics, life skills cooking, culinary arts CTE programs, and Prostart as an introduction.

What’s Included in the Introduction to Culinary Unit?

  • Kitchen safety unit
  • Food Safety unit
  • Nutrition Unit
  • Kitchen Measurement and Reading a Recipe Unit
  • Kitchen Equipment Unit
  • Cooking Methods Unit
  • Baking Unit
  • Breakfast and Beverages Unit
  • Culinary Careers and Professionalism Unit
  • Get to know you activities
  • Holiday foods lessons include:
    • Halloween foods
    • Thanksgiving foods
    • Christmas/Holiday foods
    • Valentine’s Day foods and recipes

Each unit includes:

  • slideshows
  • guided notes
  • student questions
  • engaging activities such as digital escape rooms
  • editable lesson plans
  • editable assessments such as tests and quizzes
  • recipes (if applicable)
  • rubrics
  • answer keys

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