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Global Foods Bell Ringer Journal – International Cuisine – Foods Around the World Bell Ringer Journal



Create a structure in your global foods or international foods culinary arts class with this bell ringer journal! With this Bell-Ringer Journal, your students will start each class with engaging and interesting prompts for the entire semester!

Each of the 90 global foods prompts should take students about 10 minutes, and you can discuss as a class to get them thinking about food and the culinary arts. The prompts and questions do not need prior knowledge, and the journal is no prep for you! Just print and go or use the Google version and assign.

⭐ This includes a printable PDF and Google version with 90 interactive questions on 28 pages about Culinary Arts for middle and high school classes. Students answer questions about a range of international/ world foods to get them started each day in class. We use this daily to start class, and it gets the students thinking about food and the culinary arts!

⭐ Check out our blog post on how to use Bell Ringer Journals in the classroom.

This resource also includes an answer key for easy grading!

Topics Covered in this Global Foods Bell Work Journal Include:

  • Famous chefs around the world
  • Unique ingredients, herbs, and spices from around the world
  • Foods and cuisines from around the world
  • Strange eats questions that will make your students cringe
  • Cultural aspects of food
  • Dining experiences and food customs around the world

⭐ This foods around the world bell ringer journal can be:

  • printed back to back and bound
  • put in a binder for daily questions
  • Assigned in Google Classroom.
  • Assign a point a day for a classwork grade. Students can do the majority of the journal without having to look anything up online.


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