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Cooking Methods Interactive Notebook for Culinary Arts and FACS



This interactive notebook is a fun way to introduce or review cooking methods with your FACS or culinary arts students! It includes a paper version of the interactive notebook and a digital version.

Students love putting these together while reviewing important concepts such as:

  • Cooking methods including dry heat, moist heat, and combination
  • Cooking techniques such as stewing, frying, braising, boiling, and more!
  • Foods that are cooked in each cooking method
  • Important vocabulary such as nutrients, reduce, boiling point, deglaze, and more.

Do you need a source to teach the concept of cooking methods? Grab our Cooking Methods Lesson that goes along with this activity.

All you need for this activity is Google and devices for the digital version and a notebook or paper, glue, and scissors for the paper version!

This activity is great for culinary arts, family and consumer science, career, and tech. education and life skills cooking high school.


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