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Culinary Arts Bell Ringer Journal for Family Consumer Science and CTE



Are you looking for a way to organize your Culinary Arts and FACS students for the entire school year? This Culinary Arts Ringer Journal includes 182 questions and prompts for the beginning of each class to get them thinking about food, cooking, kitchen and food safety, food science, culinary careers and so much more.


This is a full-year bell ringer journal that can be printed and put in a folder or binder or assigned in Google Classroom. An editable version is included in this resource so you can change the day numbers.

These culinary bell work journals can be used as:

  • daily morning work
  • weekly homework
  • early finishers
  • brain breaks and whatever you can think of!

These culinary bell ringer journals can be used for:

  • Prostart
  • Family and Consumer Science Foods Classes
  • Home Economics
  • Culinary Arts
  • FCS
  • Homeschool

 The 182 writing prompts are about topics such as:

  • kitchen safety
  • kitchen equipment
  • nutrition
  • MyPlate
  • famous chefs
  • cooking techniques
  • history of food
  • spices and herbs
  • plating
  • measuring
  • baking
  • breads and yeast
  • pizza
  • honey
  • seasonal cooking
  • food science
  • sense of taste
  • pasta
  • food trucks
  • meat and dairy
  • mise en place
  • food-borne illness
  • eggs
  • food labels
  • so much more!


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*This resource does include an editable PowerPoint version in which you can change the days or omit day numbers if the topics do not match your pacing.



National Family and Consumer Science Standards: 8.2.1 Identify characteristics of major foodborne pathogens, their role in causing illness, foods involved in outbreaks, and methods of prevention.

14.4.1 Analyze conditions and practices that promote safe food handling.

14.4.2 Analyze safety and sanitation practices.

14.4.3 Analyze how changes in national and international food production and distribution systems influence the food supply, including sustainability, organic food production, and the impact of genetically modified foods.


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