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Culinary Arts Choice Board for Early Finishers or Sub Plans



Are you looking for a choice board project for your culinary arts or facs students that will keep them engaged without additional prep for you? This culinary choice board is digital or can be printed. Students choose activities they want to complete for a grade or choose activities to complete like a BINGO board. Students love this type of assignment because the learning is in their hands!

Ways to use this culinary arts project:

  • Early finisher activity- if the student finishes in-class work, they can continue to complete the choice board.
  • Homework assignments for students to complete virtually from home.
  • Assessment to give students a grade for showing mastery of skills.
  • Homeschool culinary arts activity

This FCS Choice Board Includes:

  • Choice Board version that can be edited and a choice boar that can be printed
  • Tasks such as:
    • Create flashcards for 5 cooking technique terms.
    • Keep a food log of what you eat in one day. (log included)
    • Watch a video on knife skills and write down 3 things you learned.
    • Create your own recipe including ingredients and directions. Take a picture of the recipe. (template included)
    • Peel and slice an apple or pear.
    • Template for Creating your Own Recipe
    • Template for Food log

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