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Food Fact or Fiction Bell Ringer

Are you looking for a fun bell work activity for Culinary Arts and Family and Consumer Science students at the beginning of each class or to play as an end-of-the-year or back-to-school food-related game? This food trivia activity will get them thinking and laughing! This bell ringer can last a full semester.

Each slide states a food “fact” and students decide if it is fact or fiction. The answer and description follow on the next slide. There are 90 questions for students to answer for a full semester. Students follow along on a worksheet and predict the answers. Google version is included (link in pdf).

This presentation can also be used as a fun lesson to engage students and get them talking about food and the amazing facts or to be set up as a game for 2 teams in your class!

What’s Included in this fun FCS resource?

  • PowerPoint slides asking if statements all about Food are Fact or Fiction examples include:
    • Salt is the only rock people eat.- Fact- salt is essential for human life and is one of the basic human tastes.
    • Mexico grows the most coffee in the world. Fiction- Brazil is the leading producer of coffee.
    • M&M candies became popular during World War 2 – Fact – The Mars company sold M&Ms exclusively to American soldiers stationed overseas.
    • Raw carrots are healthier than cooked carrots – Fiction – cooking carrots actually increases their nutritional value.
  • Worksheet for students to answer each one as they go if you would like it to be an icebreaker activity.



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