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Culinary Arts Curriculum for Breakfast – Family Consumer Science Lesson Plans Breakfast Unit

Breakfast lesson plans for culinary arts high school curriculum include complete detailed lesson plans, slideshows, guided notes, questions, WebQuest, study guide, test, food labs, recipes and more! Great for family consumer science, culinary arts and home economics classes.



Are you looking for a complete unit that is ready to go and has little to no-prep? This is an 11-day introduction to breakfast and beverages unit that include editable lesson plans, slideshows, guided notes, worksheets, recipes, lab rubrics, activities including breakout rooms, and a study guide in both printable PDFs, PPTs, and Google versions.

This unit comes as a zip file that includes folders for easy organization and a Google folder link for the Google version of the contents.

What’s Included in this Intro to Breakfast and Beverages Unit?

  • Editable lesson plans in PPT
  • Slideshow on Intro to Breakfast
  • Guided notes on Intro to Breakfast
  • Questions and practice
  • Breakfast Wordsearch
  • Eggs Activity Worksheet
  • 2 Egg Project Food Lab complete with recipes
  • Beverages Slideshow
  • Beverages guided notes and questions
  • Drink comparison activity
  • Coffee ratio worksheet
  • Smoothie recipes
  • Study guide with answer key
  • Editable assessment on Breakfast/Beverages
  • Answer keys
  • Bell ringer/exit ticket templates


*Important: if you have purchased the Mega Bundle, most of these resources are included in that, so you would have duplicate materials.

This unit is great for:

  • Intro to culinary arts
  • family consumer science foods class
  • home economics
  • life skills cooking classes
  • homeschool cooking


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