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Culinary Arts Curriculum Poultry Lesson and Activities for FCS and Culinary

This poultry lesson has everything you need to teach your culinary arts students about chicken, turkey, and duck in your poultry unit! It includes a slideshow with videos, guided notes, questions, a WebQuest, and a chicken fabrication activity!



Are you searching for an exciting and stress-free approach to educate your culinary arts or family and consumer science students on the topic of poultry? Your search ends here with this all-inclusive poultry lesson! This lesson comes complete with a pre-made slideshow that covers everything from chicken to duck to turkey. Your students will have access to all the necessary information, making learning about poultry a breeze.

Guided notes and student questions help ensure that they’re actively engaged and retaining the information. Plus, a poultry Webquest adds an interactive and fun element to the lesson. With everything you need to be included, this poultry lesson is a must-have for any culinary arts or family and consumer science class!

This resource pack is in Google format and easy to assign in Google Classroom! Once you purchase, the lesson will automatically download into your Drive, and you are planned for a week.

 What’s Included in this Culinary Arts resource?

  • The 24-page slideshow explains:
    • definition of poultry and the most common types
    • fact or fiction warm-up activity with fun facts about poultry
    • the muscle tissue makeup and nutrients in poultry
    • types of chicken and ages of development
    • cooking methods for chicken
    • types of turkey and duck as well as their ages
    • cooking methods for duck and turkey
    • poultry cut parts and labeling
    • description of wing, thigh, breast, foot, and their uses
    • difference between white and dark meat and how best to cook it
    • inspection and grading of poultry by USDA and the criteria used
    • free-range chickens
    • safe handling and storing of poultry to prevent cross-contamination


  • Video of a chicken fabrication, butchering of a small chicken into 10 parts step by step
  • Guided notes for students to complete as they learn and watch the presentation, students fill in a term or phrase as they learn.
  • Student questions to check for understanding including labeling a chicken and:
    • What makes up 72% of the muscle tissue of poultry?
    • What type of heat is used to cook chicken? Dry or Moist?
    • Describe how domesticated and wild turkey are different.
    • Why is a longer cooking technique recommended for dark meat?
    • What is the poultry grade based on?
    • What is a free-range chicken?
    • and more!
  • Answer key for quick and easy grading and helpful if you are using this as a sub plan.
  • Poultry Webquest – students click on the links provided and answer questions based on what they read and watch.
  • Research Activity about poultry recipes and cooking methods great for FCS and Culinary High School!


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