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Stocks, Soups and Mother Sauces Unit for Culinary Arts and Family Consumer Science



Are you teaching about stocks, soups, mother sauces, and thickening agents and need detailed lesson plans with activities, recipes, and an assessment? This is a great 2-week unit that includes everything you need for your Intro to Culinary Arts class, including editable lesson plans, slideshows, engaging activities, and more!


What’s included in this stocks, soups, and mother sauces unit?

  • Stocks slideshow
  • Stocks guided notes and student questions
  • Stocks taste testing activity
  • Stocks wordsearch
  • Recipes for chicken, beef and vegetable stock
  • Pre-lab report and lab rubric
  • Mother Sauces slideshow
  • Mother sauces guided notes and student questions
  • Mother sauces mystery activity!
  • Recipe for bechamel and cheese sauce
  • Soups slideshow
  • Soups guided notes and student questions
  • Chicken soup video slideshow with questions
  • Recipes for chicken soup and creme de volaille
  • Thickening agent slideshow
  • Thickening agents guided notes and questions
  • Editable bell ringers
  • Jeopardy game in Google and PPT for review
  • Study guide
  • Stocks, soups and mother sauces editable test

This is great for:

  • culinary arts
  • family and consumer science
  • home economics
  • Prostart
  • homeschool culinary

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