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Baking Lesson Plans Bundle



Are you looking for baking lessons and activities to introduce baking to your culinary arts, family consumer science, or Home Economics classes? This bundle of resources includes lessons and activities all about baking including Baking 101, Baking sub plans, and more to supplement your course.

This baking lessons resource includes:

  • Intro to baking lesson with:
    • slideshow, guided notes,
    • questions in Google and PPT.
    • chocolate chip recipe.
  • Bread lesson with:
    • slideshow
    • guided notes
    • questions in Google
  • Chopped Mystery Basket activity about baking is a fun activity for students to practice brainstorming with virtual ingredients. Recipes are included if you would like to use them for a food lab.
  • Cookies lesson to introduce cookies, how they are made, and the history of cookies including a slideshow, notes, and questions.
  • Sub plans all about baking including a baking 101 video with questions and questions about a baking basics article.


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