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Free Nutrition Worksheets – MyPlate Meal Planning Activity



Are you looking for a food and nutrition activity for your middle school and high school students that has them learning about MyPlate meal plans through different stages of life?

This nutrition project has students deciding “Who am I?” by reading scenarios about people at different stages of life from babies to the elderly. They match the description with the 7 “characters” given by looking at the MyPlate website and reading about the different nutritional needs during the life stages.

Students then create meal plans using MyPlate and Calorie Counter that meets the needs of 2 characters of their choice. They use the MyPlate categories such as fruits and vegetables, protein, dairy, and grains and use the MyPlate quiz to determine the number of calories the person would need.

Students will need a computer or device to complete the assignment because they need to access the MyPlate website.

⭐ How do I use this Nutrition Activity?

  • You can assign this in Google Classroom or you can print the PDF version and have students work on paper. The hyperlinks are in the PDF version as well as the Google version.
  • great sub plan while you are out
  • group work for students to work on together to build classroom discussion
  • individual homework project
  • for Health, Family and Consumer Science, Physical Education, Home Economics, Culinary Arts, Prostart middle school and high school classes.

⭐ What is included in this MyPlate Lesson?

  • Descriptions of the 7 characters include the foods they eat and their exercise habits for students to match to the profiles.
  • Links to the MyPlate website as well as a Calorie Counter website for completing the meal plans and determining “who am I”.
  • Google version as well as PDF version (Google link is included in instructions.
  • Meal plan templates for 2 meal plans that students will create for 2 people at different stages of life.
  • Answer key for the “who am I?” portion.



National Family and Consumer Science Standards-

Analyze nutrient requirements across the life span addressing the diversity of people, culture, and religions. Plan menus, applying the exchange system to meet various nutrient needs. 9.4.1 Analyze nutritional needs of individuals.



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