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Recipe Activity- Crime Scene Kitchen Activity – Reading a Recipe



Are you looking for a recipe activity that is no-prep and fun for your culinary arts, FCS, or life skills students? This is a recipe investigation, modeled after the show “Crime Scene Kitchen” activity in the theme of a food crime scene. It is a fun way to get your students to analyze a kitchen scene and determine which recipe was made while breaking the ice with their classmates and teacher!

This recipe activity comes in printable PDF format and Google for easy assigning.

What do Students do in this Recipe Activity?

  • Students analyze a kitchen scene for clues such as milk in the fridge, cinnamon on the counter, cracked eggshells, etc.
  • Students complete a worksheet for each scenario to help them organize the clues and their ideas.
  • Each scenario has a recipe and students can create the dish either in class or at home depending on the materials.

This can either be used in groups or individually or you can project the scenes to the class and complete them as a large group.

What’s Included in this class recipe activity:

  • 6 kitchen “crime scenes”
  • 6 worksheets for students to gather information and clues
  • 6 recipes for students to make or to make as a class
    • rice pudding
    • chicken quesadillas
    • muffin tin egg bites
    • apple crisp
    • pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
    • fruit smoothie

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