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Spring Foods Lesson for Culinary Arts and FACS

Culinary arts and family consumer science lesson plan and activity on seasonal foods during Spring. Includes slideshow, guided notes and questions on springtime foods.



Your students will enjoy learning about the seasonal foods of Spring and Easter with this springtime foods lesson for Culinary Arts and FACS! This 14-page food of spring resource includes a Google slide show about traditional springtime foods as well as questions for students to answer and a small research assignment with a link to gather information. There are 2 springtime recipes also included!

This lesson is a great way for students to understand seasonal foods, how they influence holiday dishes, and ways to use local produce in dishes during the spring.

Dishes covered include:

  • lamb
  • Easter ham
  • chocolate
  • pasta primavera
  • split pea and onion soup
  • eggs

Also included in this seasonal foods lesson:

  • deviled egg recipe
  • pasta primavera recipe
  • cooking lab rubric

This assignment is very easy to use in your middle school or high school class as you can just assign it in Google Classroom or present in class and assign the questions and research assignment in Google.


Prostart: Strand 5: Students will explore and utilize fruits. Identify seasons of fruit and vegetables and utilization of each.

Idaho Culinary Arts: Performance Standard 7.2: Fruits and Vegetables

  1. 7.2.1  Select appropriate fruits and vegetables for intended uses.
  2. 7.2.2  Prepare a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  3. 7.2.3  Properly hold and store fruit and vegetables.
  4. 7.2.4  Demonstrate a variety of cooking methods for fruits and vegetables.

National FACS Standards: Demonstrate cooking methods that increase nutritional value, lower calorie and fat content

Texas Family and Consumer Science Standard:

Standard IV: Nutrition, Wellness, and Food Science

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