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Vegetables Lesson and Activities for Culinary Arts and FCS



Are you teaching about vegetables and need an engaging, no-prep lesson to get your culinary arts or Prostart students engaged? This vegetable lesson resource pack includes a presentation, guided notes, and activities to get your middle school and high school students excited about vegetables. This vegetable resource pack will have you planned for days!

What’s Included in this vegetable lesson:

  • Google Slideshow with information about vegetables such as:
    • Science of vegetables
    • Nutrition of vegetables
    • Types of vegetables including:
      • roots and tubers
      • stem vegetables
      • pods and seeds
      • green leafy vegetables
      • fruit vegetables
  • How to wash and prepare vegetables for cooking
  • Grading of vegetables
  • Vegetable cuts such as:
    • Batonnet
    • Julienne
    • Parmentier
    • Mirepoix
  • Guided notes in both print and Google versions for students to follow along
  • Student questions to check for understanding
  • “Name that Veg” activity in which students try to match the vegetable with the picture
  • Vegetable Profile research activity as an assessment
  • Recipe for Veggie Pizza
  • Answer Key for Veggie Questions


Prostart– Strand 6- Standard 1- Vegetables:

  • Categorize the 5 types of vegetables
  • Identify how purchasing, grading and storing affect vegetable selection
  • Demonstrate the preparation of various types of vegetables

National Family and Consumer Science:

8.5.7 Prepare various fruits, vegetables, starches, legumes, dairy products, fats, and oils using safe handling and professional preparation techniques.

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  1. Tara Weber

    I was impressed with this resource. I used it in my fruits and vegetables unit in my Farm to Table class. The students were well engaged and I would recommend it for others.

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