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Cooking Methods Unit – Cooking Techniques Lesson Plans Culinary Arts



This is a cooking methods unit in both print and digital version included that will have you planned for 9 days of Intro. to Culinary Arts. It includes editable, detailed lesson plans in PowerPoint as well as day-by-day activities, interactive notes, a food lab, a study guide, a review game, and an assessment.

What Content is Covered in This Unit?

  • categories of cooking methods including dry heat, moist heat, and combination heat
  • vocabulary such as “sear”, reduce, and “blanch”.
  • 12 cooking methods including baking, roasting, frying, sous vide, and more.
  • examples of dishes that are best suited for each cooking method.

What’s Included?

  • Detailed, editable daily lesson plans with standards, objectives, anticipatory sets, and closure.
  • Bell ringer and exit ticket sheet
  • Interactive notebook in print and digital
  • Presentation on the different cooking methods and vocabulary
  • WebQuest to review cooking methods
  • Wordsearch to review cooking methods
  • Potato Project that has students cooking potatoes in the different cooking methods with instructions, recipe ideas, and a rubric. Editable
  • Lesson on sous vide
  • Study guide – editable
  • Jeopardy review game on cooking methods – editable
  • Editable test to check for understanding
  • Answer Keys


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