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Food Allergies Lesson Plan – Free



Are you looking for an engaging way to introduce food allergies to your middle school or high school students? This free food allergies lesson is a no-prep way to introduce common food allergens and ways to prevent allergic reactions when preparing food.

The 20-slide PowerPoint or Google slide show includes important information from ServeSafe and the FDA regarding food allergies. It also includes activities that have students modify recipes and answer questions based on a person’s specific allergies.

What’s Included in this FCS and Foods Lesson on Food Allergies:

  • slide show about food allergies and reactions
  • activity for students to decide the right way to prepare food for someone with an allergy.
  • activity for students to determine if food labels have allergens.
  • activity for students to modify a recipe for someone with a food allergy.

⭐ Who is this food allergies lesson for?

  • Culinary Arts
  • Family and Consumer Science
  • Life Skills
  • Home Economics
  • Prostart
  • Special Education High School

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Download this free food allergy resource and have an entire class period planned for you! Students will understand the importance of understanding food allergies and how they can prepare foods with modifications to keep everyone safe!



Prostart 1: Strand 6- Students will keep food safe through the proper use of food handling and sanitation techniques.

  • Identify the most common allergens and methods for preventing allergic reactions.

National Family and Consumer Science– 8.4 Demonstrate menu planning principles and techniques based on standardized recipes to meet customer needs.

8.4.2 Apply menu-planning principles to develop and

modify menus.


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  1. Tracey Willcox

    I love all their lessons. This one was easy to use with my students on the autism spectrum. Many of the students have allergies to food and it is important for them to know their own food triggers and how to read labels. The product saved me a lot of time and was an important lesson for my students to learn.

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