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Financial Literacy Bell Ringer Journal for Adulting – Financial Literacy PDF – Family and Consumer Science



Are you looking for an engaging way to help your middle and high school students learn financial literacy and consumer literacy? This bell ringer journal includes 90 prompts to start each day of the semester!

These colorful and engaging financial literacy bell ringer journal prompts will help you organize your class and help to get students thinking about money, wants and needs, credit, budgeting, cool money facts and more! They also help to spark great class discussions centered around financial literacy.

The bell ringer journal is both in a printable and an editable Google online version and includes 90 questions. It is a no-prep activity to help you structure your class. These bell ringer journals are a great routine for any class, and when you get observed, it shows how well you begin each class and prepare an anticipatory set!

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⭐ Topics included in this Financial Literacy Bell Ringer Journal:

  • budgeting
  • electronic banking
  • check writing
  • credit card education
  • wants vs. needs
  • cool job facts
  • wages vs. salary
  • online banking and payment apps
  • history of US money
  • gross and net income
  • paycheck understanding
  • and more!

⭐ Answer Key included

Who is this financial literacy bell ringer journal for?

  • Family and Consumer Science (FCS) students
  • Personal Finance Middle School and High School
  • Financial Literacy Middle School and High School
  • CTE classes
  • Homeschool Middle School
  • Adulting classes
  • Business classes


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