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Halloween Activities for High School and Middle School Culinary and FACS



This is a Halloween foods lesson on Google Slides about the history of Halloween foods, types of Halloween foods, Halloween candy survey, and comprehension questions. This culinary arts and family and consumer science lesson also includes fun Halloween recipes to try as a class or for students at home!

What’s Included in this Halloween Foods Resource?

  • Halloween Candy Survey– what’s your classes least favorite and favorite type of Halloween candy?
  • Reading on the history of Halloween foods including:
    • The origins of Halloween
    • Halloween traditions such as bobbing for apples
    • Halloweens arrival to the US and how it transformed the seasonal foods
  • Questions for students to type into to check for understanding
  • Halloween food history slideshow presentation
  • Halloween recipes for students to try in class or at home such as:
    • Pumpkin rice Krispie treats
    • Stuffed pepper Jack O’ Lanterns
    • Caramel corn
    • Jack Skellington Pops
    • Dracula Teeth and Chocolate Chip Cookie to go with it
  • Design your own Halloween Candy Activity
  • Halloween foods wordsearch

Who is this for?

  • High school culinary arts
  • Middle school culinary arts
  • FACS classes
  • Homeschool cooking
  • Life skills cooking
  • Home economics classes

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What teachers like you are saying:

“Kept students’ attention on Halloween.”

“My students enjoyed making Halloween treats while practicing kitchen safety”


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