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Herbs, Spices, Fruits and Vegetables Unit for Culinary Arts Curriculum Middle and High School



This is a complete Intro to Culinary Arts unit on fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices that includes editable lesson plans, assessments, and activities that will take 14 days for a 40-minute class. Great for Culinary, CTE, Family and Consumer Science, or Foods 1.

What’s Included in this Culinary Unit:

  • Everything in both Google, PPT, and PDF
  • 14 days of editable lesson plans
  • Editable slides for fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices
  • Guided notes for each topic
  • Questions for each topic
  • Name that Veg Activity
  • Fruits and Veggies around the room activity
  • Herbs and Spices Tasting activity
  • Webquests for fruit and vegetables
  • Herbs and Spices escape room
  • Word searches for fruits and vegetables
  • Recipes for fruit salsa, fruit pizza and salsa
  • Crossword puzzle herbs and spices
  • Study guide
  • Editable quiz
  • Editable final assessment

Prostart Standards:

  • Students will explore and utilize fruits
  • Identify seasons of fruits and utilization of each.
  • Identify the difference between seasoning, flavoring, herbs, and spices. Describe and demonstrate all basic pre-preparation techniques.

National Family Consumer Science Standards:

  • Prepare various fruits using safe handling and professional preparation techniques.
  • Demonstrate cooking methods that increase nutritional value, lower calorie and fat content, and utilize herbs and spices to enhance flavor.

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