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Meal Planning Lesson Plan for Middle School and High School

This is a fun nutrition project that has your students researching their My Plate meal plan and shopping within a budget to create an ideal daily plan. Students will then create a meal plan based on My Plate for an individual with a dietary need or restriction. Keep your family and consumer science, culinary arts or home economics students engaged with this interactive food and nutrition activity!



Are you looking for a fun nutrition project to get your students shopping and using the MyPlate website? This food and nutrition resource will have your students using the MyPlate website to create a nutritional meal plan for themselves and for a person of their choice while remaining within a budget.

This fun “go shopping” nutrition activity is great for middle school and high school students and helps them to understand nutrition, MyPlate, and food costing!

Students are given $10 and use a grocery list provided to “shop” for a day of food. They use the MyPlate recommendations to create their daily menu while staying within budget. There is also an extension activity in which students chose another person and create a meal plan for them using the MyPlate suggestions!

Quick setup and easy-to-read student directions with links to MyPlate make this a great resource to use in class, remotely, or as sub plans.

It can be printed, assigned with Easel, or used in the Google version. Simply download the PDF and click on the link that says “Google Version”.

What’s Included in this MyPlate meal plan activity?

  • Description of assignment with link to MyPlate and a space for them to write their recommended about of each category: dairy, protein foods, grains, fruits, and vegetables.
  • List of grocery items with costs (using Aldi’s as a guide)
  • Shopping list for students to write what they “bought”.
  • Daily meal plan sheet for students to write their meals with the purchased items.
  • Reflection questions
  • Go Shopping 2- students shop for someone else that they create with $20 to compare the difference.


What Teachers Like You Are Saying:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”I used this as a no-prep activity for my emergency sub plans. All of the directions are clear and students were able to follow the directions easily. They enjoyed the activity.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”My kids really enjoyed this activity. I used it as kind of a fill-in for the foods unit in 8th grade (because we typically don’t cover the cost of food in junior high) on a day that I had to be gone. It was perfect. I will use it again and incorporate into my comprehensive FCS class.”


Family and Consumer Science National Standards: 9.3.2 Analyze nutritional data.
9.3.3 Apply principles of food production to maximize nutrient
retention in prepared foods.


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